Hand-Dyed Show Competition

2018 Competition Results

Home Dyer - Natural Dyes
Home Dyer - Chemical Dyes
  • 1st: Linda Nygaard
  • 2nd: None
  • 3rd: None
Home Dyer
  • Grand Champion Winner: None
  • Reserve Champion Winner: None
Professional Dyer - Natural Dyes
  • 1st: Glenna Dean
  • 2nd: Toni Broaddus
  • 3rd: Toni Broaddus
Professional Dyer - Chemical Dyes
  • 1st: Lisa Joyce
  • 2nd: Linda Nygaard
  • 3rd: None
Professional Dyer Class
  • Grand Champion Winner: Glenna Dean
  • Reserve Champion Winner: None
Silver medallion (NM/CO/TX Fiber only)
  • Winner: Glenna Dean

2018 Hand-Dyed Rules and Entry Forms

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